For bulk order please email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

What does my order status mean?
Shipping worldwide!
1. Confirmed - please wait while we try to gather the items for your order.
2. Fulfilled - all your order items have been gathered and shipped from Korea. Please wait while it reaches India.
3. Shipping soon - your items have reached India and will be shipped to you soon.
4. Shipped - Your order has been shipped and will reach you soon.

How can I order custom merch?
For custom images on unofficial merch, please email us at

Why can’t I order some items as Cash On Delivery?
Limited edition items or items which are available for limited time are not eligible for COD. Those items can only be ordered as pre-paid orders.
Although you can still place COD orders for those items but they will be cancelled automatically.

Why are all my COD orders cancelled?
This happens when your previous COD order was RTO’D. If your COD order is RTO’D, you are no longer eligible to place COD orders. You can only place pre-paid orders now. Once more than 2 of your pre-paid orders are successfully delivered, you can again place COD orders.

Why does some of my order get cancelled?
Orders which can no longer be fulfilled are cancelled automatically. This happens when you have ordered an item but it no longer available.

What happens when my pre-paid order gets cancelled?
If your order is cancelled and you have already paid for it, then the amount goes to your account on website as store credit.
You can use this to place another order. The store credit does not expire and hence you can use it anytime.
When you do a transaction on our website, the payment gateway company charges us a transactional fee. We do not take this fee from you and hence it is not mentioned in your bill. To save us the transactional fee the next time you want to place a pre-paid order, the amount is sent to your account as store credit.
If you still wish to get the amount back to your bank account, please send us an email.

Why can’t I place orders anymore or create a new account?
This is because your account has been blocked. Your account can be blocked for following reasons:
You have cancelled more than 5 COD orders.
Your order was RTO’d and you did not comply with the rules.
If you think your account has been blocked because of unfair reasons, please contact us at

Is there any discount option?
When you order more than 5 official items, you get 5% off on your cart subtotal.
When you order more than 10 official items, you get 10% off on your cart subtotal
For unofficial merch, discount is only for bulk orders. The minimum quantity for bulk order for unofficial merch is 25 pieces. For bulk order on unofficial merch, please contact us at

What is points and how can I use them?
When your order is successfully delivered, you receive points equivalent to your order subtotal. You can use these points to get discount coupons.
Points once used are removed from your account.
Points are not given for cancelled or RTO’D orders.

How can I give feedback?
If you want to give feedback on our service, please write to us at with your order number or fill the Contact Us form on the website.
You can also send feedback to us via Instagram and your feedback will be shared. Our Instagram handle is @kp0pmerch (with a ‘zero’ and not an ‘O’).